January 2022

MINDSET FOCUS: Hope for 2022

As we pray for strength and guidance to thrive in 2022, let us remember that we can look beyond our challenging situations to the ultimate Hope of Jesus Christ's return.


2022 BONUS: The 5 Minute RUle

We encourage you to use this 5 minute rule as you take daily steps towards your 2022 goals.


WPS Christmas Program 2021

This month's classroom Highlight:

Our WPS students did amazing at the Winter Christmas Program.  We invite you to enjoy the full program.



Congratulations for a job well done!

Our students at Whispering Pines are all shining stars!  Each student is the reason our teachers love to come to school each day.  The students' love for learning, hard work, and endless energy keeps our teachers on their ties.  This month we would like to congratulate all the students of the month selected for December!


Pre-Kindergarten - Christian Arthur & Gabriela Garcia

Kindergarten - Liam Alvarado

1st Grade - Joshua Williams

2nd Grade - Marlee Pierre & Mozart Desulme

3rd Grade - Jaydon Lee Case

4th Grade - Noelani Delandro

5th & 6th Grade - Jada Sabb

7th - 8th Grade - London Paris


Teaching kids how to set goals

This month's family focus:

Click on the picture below to access 7 tips for teaching your child how to set goals and reach them.


7 Fun goal setting activities for children



Let's expand our international vocabulary!  Practice this phrase with your child this month.


Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see this work begin.

Zachariah 4:10 (New Living Translation)


No desprecies estos pequeños comienzos, porque el Señor se regocija al ver comenzar esta obra.


보잘것없는 일이라고 멸시하는 자가 누구냐? 그 일곱 등잔은 온 세상을 살피는 나 여호와의 눈이다. 스룹바벨의 손에 다림줄이 있는 것을 보면

(i jag-eun sijag-eul myeolsihaji masibsio. junim-eun i sa-eob-i sijagdoeneun geos-eul gippeohasibnida.)



Our prayer is that each WPS family will all have whole health.  This month, take a few minutes to focus on financial wellness. 

Financial Wellness – Satisfaction with current and future financial situations.

The holidays are over; the 2021 hyper inflation figures are in are; and we are being told to anticipated as second round of grocery price increases in 2022.  It is understandable to find ourselves feeling a bit unsettled.  The good thing is that Financial Wellness does not start in our pocket or bank account but it starts in your head and your heart.  It is not a specific amount of money but a mindset.  

This is where we see the fruits of our faith.  Our faith God helps us to be good stewards and weather financial storms.  Remembering that God is faithful and HE is our provider enables us to have peace in time of surplus and times of drought.  Sometimes it is the difficult financial situation that reminds us His sweetest promises.

A Family Budget

If you have not already, we encourage you to create a family budget for 2022.  We know that financial conversations can be difficult but we encourage you to reflect on questions below and then have an open mind and listening ear if working with others to complete your family budget.  

Click here to find free budget spreadsheet, template suggestions, and more.

Reflection Questions:

What are your overall thoughts and feelings about money?  

After thinking about money are you usually relaxed or tense?  After talking about money are you usually relaxed or tense?  Dive deeper: Why?

Recall a childhood memory that involved money.  What were you feelings in that moment?  Do you encounter those feels with money now?

What were the financial norms in your family?  What are your thoughts and feelings about those norms?  Are you consciously or unconsciously passing those norms on to your child(ren)?

Take a look at the 4 Money Scripts below.  Which one most represents your current thoughts about money?  How does that affect your budgeting and spending habits?  If you are budgeting with others, ask him/her/them to identify their Money Script.  Discuss how these mindsets play a role in your individual relationships with money and with each other.



This month’s Challenges:


Family Activity challenge

Choose and complete one fun family goal setting activity.

Super Parent/Guardian Challenge

Set up one-on-one time with your child this month.  Make is special by letting him/her choose the place or activity.  Be present in the moment and intentional about giving them your full attention.  Initiate a conversation with them about their thoughts, feelings, concerns about this year.  Be sure to create a safe place for him/her to express themselves and feel heard and appreciated.  As usual, end the conversation with a hug, tickle, or inside joke.

Whole Health Challenge

Identify your money script and make a 2022 budget.

Consider giving your child a monthly allowance.  Guide him/her in creating a monthly budget with their allowance.  

Take this time to find out what your child values and his/her thoughts and feelings towards money.



We welcome your input and feedback!  Send any suggestions or comments to WPSNewsletter@outlook.com.