7th & 8th Grade

Teacher: Mr. Smith

Dear friends and family of the Whispering Pines School,

It is nothing but an honor to help teach and bring up the next generation of leaders right before they go off to high school. I myself have been in Adventist education most of my whole life, from elementary school to high school and college. I’m so glad I can use what I learned from my Adventist Education and pass it on to my students in fun new ways!

During my days at school I teach math and science to grades 5 through 8 as well as English to the 7th and 8th graders. Our students learn new and complex forms of math that push them to think harder, interesting science lessons that allow them to fully understand the world God created for them, and interactive ELA lessons that allow them to learn new words as well as comprehend different forms of literature. In the midst of this, I always try my best to always create an atmosphere of peace and family among my students and instill lasting principles that they can use for the rest of their lives. 

Thank you for allowing me to have fun, learn, and grow with your kids this school year! 


Mr. Timothy Smith 

7th and 8th Grade Homeroom Teacher