Music & Orchestra Class

At Whispering Pines SDA School, music is a fundamental part of our educational experience. All students participate in our vibrant choir, where they learn the joy of singing and performing at churches and special events, including Christmas Cantatas and Concerts.

In addition to choir, our younger students in grades 1 and 2 explore the world of music through handbells, while grades 3-4 engage with chimes. For our older students in grades 5-8, the focus shifts to instrumental music, with opportunities to learn and play the violin and cello. They also have the unique opportunity to learn Korean drums as part of their Korean culture and language classes, connecting them to their heritage and broadening their cultural horizons.

These musical experiences not only cultivate individual talents but also emphasize the importance of teamwork and collaboration in creating beautiful music that honors God.

Furthermore, students in grades 1-4 benefit from music appreciation classes, where they learn to appreciate classical music, understand music symbols and notes, and develop a sense of rhythm.

Join us in celebrating the gift of music and the joy of learning together at Whispering Pines SDA School!