December 2021

Mindset Focus: Reading the Gospel



We Are Thankful!!!

This month's classroom Highlight:

We invite you to enjoy some pictures of the classroom thanksgiving parties!


Students of the month



Congratulations for a job well done!

Our students at Whispering Pines are all shining stars!  Each student is the reason our teachers love to come to school each day.  The students' love for learning, hard work, and endless energy keeps our teachers on their toes.  This month we would like to congratulate all the students of the month selected for November!


PreK - Brianna Morris

Kindergarten - Mikel Williams

1st Grade - Joshua Williams

2nd Grade - Kyaire Forbes & Priscilla DeJesus

3rd Grade - Caleb Arthur & Joshua Goulbourne

4th Grade - Melany Arriaga

5th & 6th Grade - Marlanzo Williams

7th & 8th Grade - Elisabeth DeJesus


Raising Grateful Kids

This month's family focus:

Click on the picture below to access 10 tips to raising a grateful children.


Suggested Books:


Phrase of the month:

Let's expand our international vocabulary!  Practice this phrase with your child this month.


I am grateful for my family and my village.


Estoy agradecida por mi familia y Mi Pueblo


저는 제 마을과 가족에 감사해요

(jeoneun je ma-eulgwa gajog-e gamsahaeyo)



Whole Person Health


Our prayer for each WPS family is that we will all have Whole Health.  This month, let us take a few minutes to focus on our mental and emotional wellness. 

Mental/Emotional Wellness – Coping effectively with life and understanding your own feelings and expressing emotions in a constructive way.

We are in the middle of the holiday season.  During this time it can be very stressful and we may feel many different emotions.  Some of these feeling may be happiness, excitement, worry, disappointment, worry, sadness, loneliness, or gratitude.  We invite you to read the article (by clicking the image below) to get 3 tips on how to parent through holiday stress.






This month’s Challenges:



Family Activity challenge

How can we demonstrate gratitude in front of our child(ren) this month?  


Super Parent/Guardian Challenge

Make it a point to show your interest in you child(ren)'s emotions this month.

If they have a frustrating moment, help them to work through it by doing the following.

Being: Get eye level with a warm/welcoming facial expression.

Breathing: Ask your child to take a deep breathe with you.  You may have ask multiple times and/or breathe multiple times.

Acknowledging: Share how it looks like they feel with a phrase like "You look like you are frustrated.  Are you?"  Allow the conversation to flow as you both journey together to explore the child's feelings and what cause them to have that emotion.

 Affirm: Let your child know that it is okay to feel their emotions and that they can pray and work through the ones that do not feel so good.

Connecting: As usual, end the conversation with a warm hug, a fun tickle war, or a silly inside joke.


Whole Health Challenge

This month, try to be more aware of the root emotions that you are feeling.  Allow yourself the permission to work through those emotions in a healthy way.  This may look like many things, like deep breathing, exercising, crying, praying, self care, talking to a friend, or cuddling with a pet.



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