Korean Language

Korean class for Prek - eight: Mr.Lee


안녕하세요! (Hello!)

I extend a warm welcome to all students and parents participating in the Korean Language and Culture classes, spanning from PreK to 8th grade. I am thrilled to serve as your language and cultural guide on this exciting journey.

At Whispering Pines, our commitment is to provide an enriching and immersive experience that goes beyond language acquisition to explore the rich tapestry of Korean culture. Whether it's mastering the intricacies of the language or delving into the customs, traditions, and history, our classes are designed to foster a deep appreciation for both language and culture.

I'm excited to share that as part of our curriculum, we have a unique opportunity to deepen our understanding of Korean language and culture through immersive experiences. Every other year, we embark on a journey to South Korea, where we study and engage with local communities for three weeks. This hands-on experience allows students to truly immerse themselves in the language and culture, gaining invaluable insights and forging lifelong connections.

Throughout the school year, I am dedicated to creating a dynamic classroom atmosphere that sparks curiosity and a genuine love for the Korean language and culture. Through interactive lessons, cultural activities, and open dialogue, my goal is to ensure a positive and transformative educational experience for every student.

Our Korean Language and Culture classes form a community that celebrates diversity, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to embracing the beauty of Korea's linguistic and cultural heritage. Together, we will embark on a journey of exploration, celebrate linguistic and cultural milestones, and overcome challenges, shaping our students into well-rounded individuals prepared for a globalized world.

I am excited about the adventures that lie ahead and look forward to a year filled with language learning, cultural discovery, and mutual growth.

환영합니다! (Welcome!)

Mr. Lee
Korean Language and Culture Teacher, KreK to 8th Grade
Whispering Pines School