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Mrs. Daniela Ciccopiedi - 1st and 2nd Grades

Yes, yes, yes!!

This is Mrs. Ciccopiedi's page!

Thank you for visiting our class! Visit us again soon!

  • We review and repeat our classroom rules daily using the WholeBrain Teaching method:
  • ​​1. Follow direction quickly.
  • 2. Raise your hand.
  • 3. Make smart choices.
  • 4. Make your dear teacher happy.
  • 5. What would Jesus do? 

Remember: All words for your spelling class will be posted weekly at www.spellingcity.com
Use your personal username and password to log in every day and have fun!

School Blue Folder:

You will need to purchase our school blue folder where you will put your homework assignments to take home and bring them back to school.

Composition Books:

You will need two 100-page composition books. We will use them in every subject as needed. 
Label them clearly with your name and your grade level.
You will use these books to take notes from class as instructed by the teacher. We will be writing main ideas
that you will need to remember. 

Remember: Learning never ends! Be a star student. 

My Tips for You to Succeed and Achieve in Class

1. Turn in all required work or homework on time each corresponding class.
2. I will tell you the important facts you need to know and remember.
3. Readiness, attention and participation are very important. (R.A.P. is graded

    every week.)
4. Review material often from your composition book and/or textbook..
5. Colaborate with your class with enthusiasm. Be a willing learner and a 
     positive classmate!
6. Follow the 8 REMEDIES of NEW START for great health: Nutrition -

Exercise - Water - Sunlight - Temperance - Air - Rest - Trust in God

7. Believe that you will learn and achieve great things!
8. Trust and be friends with God at all times. He has wonderful plans for your
     He wants and expects you to develop the gifts he has given you, and he

     always wants the best for you!
9. Have a positive attitude.

See you!

Mrs. Daniela Ciccopiedi